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Almost 40 and the woes of expectations...

Expectations are stressful AF.

Yes, I said it.

Though I understand their purpose

Though I believe in them most days

Most days I’m frustrated by the expectations that I have put on myself

on others

and the expectations that people have put on me...


I know I told y’all beautiful people that I would be writing every day until my 40th birthday...

I put it in the atmosphere and let folks know what to expect...

Unfortunately, after awhile

that expectation became cumbersome...

What was I going to write about today?

When was I going to get it done?

Amanda, you gotta find time to write today...

Did you write today?

Thoughts and questions

constantly parading my day...

Becoming another thing I added to my already overwhelmingly full plate...

The truth?

I don’t always feel like writing...

Two days ago, I didn’t feel like writing...

And it wasn’t that I didn’t try.

This somewhat exact post had been written two days ago.

and then my phone died

Died before I could save my work...

All of those words?


That‘s when I made a decision.

In that moment

I decided to “Breathe”.

I decided to “Release”.

and then I could “Refocus”.

Many of us are overwhelmed with the expectations that others have put on us so much that we are doing life while holding our breath.

Breathe, baby.

If you got to hold your breath to get shit done

that ain’t the shit you’re probably supposed to be doing in this season.

Breathe and then Release.

It‘s ok to look over that to do list and get rid of some stuff.

It‘s perfectly fine to look at that partner and all of their unfeasible expectations and let them go.

It’s necessary to look at your career and it’s unfair expectations on you and make a plan to let it go.

Releasing is a prerequisite for true freedom.

Some of this stuff is in the way.

As soon as you can RELEASE those things you will begin to REFOCUS.

Ask yourself why are you putting these expectations on yourself?

Is it too much?

Is this the right season?

Ask yourself why you are allowing individuals to place unrealistic expectations on you?

What is the purpose?

Yes, expectations are powerful and life changing when they aren‘t overbearing and excessive.

I took two days off from writing because writing is my gift and it should be fun. And two days ago, it wasn’t...

Any time your gift becomes a chore

you should breathe, release, and refocus.

Do those small yet impactful things and watch the joy, the peace and the freedom return.

Those are the expectations that we ain’t playing about, son...

Until next time,


A. Eaddy McKeithan

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