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Ghostwriter, Writing Coach,

Creative Consultant

Book me "The Literary Enthusiast" as your ghostwriter, writing coach, or creative consultant.

If you are a busy professional woman needing your book written, I am your girl. I have ghostwritten ebooks, children's stories, fiction, and life stories for individuals who don't have the time. 

If you want to write your story but don't know where to start, I can coach you through this process from start to finish. 

If you are a business owner looking for someone to create content, captions, and hashtags for your social media pages, I can assist you as your creative consultant. My goal is to help you increase your brand awareness in order to increase your revenue. 

If you are just interested in PICKING MY BRAIN, you can schedule a 45-minute session to discuss anything that involves the Writing and Publishing industry, 


“If it needs to be written, I can do it”

Schedule your 15-minute consultation or 45-minute brainstorming session today!

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