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"My brain coaxed me into traveling down the lane of memory that I hated entering, also known as my last year of middle school. As much as I despised the dreaded memories of being surrounded by sell-outs, jerks, and the lack of understanding, my brain kept returning me there. Eighth grade was the year I realized I was truly alone in this world. Other than my parents' undeniable existence, I had no one else in my corner. No friends. Just D.B." Denise Bradshaw AKA D.B. isn't your typical 13-year-old teen girl. She has NO desire to fit in. She only wants to be understood. Her personality is as big as her hair and what her peers or her parents thought about her worried her NONE! Growing up as the only child with 50-something year old parents has its pros and cons. Deep down inside, even though she would never admit it, she is lonely! Having a friend would be nice. To make matters worse, she gets to spend the summer that she turns 14 on a farm in South Carolina with a great-aunt and uncle that she has never met while her parents hunt for whales in Alaska. Welcome to her life! Travel with D.B. as she finds herself, learns the power in friendships and the value that her parents bring to her life. A lot can change in 2 months! Prepare yourself for an adventure.

Denise Bradshaw & The Summer of "Tuna"

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