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Dear Queen,

Welcome to "SECURE HEARTS: The Self-Love Manual for Women," a compassionate and empowering journey designed just for you.


In these pages, we'll embark on a transformative adventure through ten chapters that will guide you towards embracing self-love, self-care, and self-acceptance.


Self Love is the BEST love but it isn't always the easiest love for us women.

Some times, we tend to love others MORE and BETTER than we love ourselves. 


This leads to insecurity in so many areas.


This stops today.


Throughout "SECURE HEARTS," you'll find practical exercises, inspiration, and heartfelt strategy  to support you on your path to self-love and self-acceptance.


Remember, you are deserving of love, care, and happiness. Your journey starts here, Queen, and I am  with you every step of the way.


With love and support,

Amanda Eaddy McKeithan

SECURE HEARTS: The Self Love Manual for Women

  • Your manual will be a PDF fillable document.

    Unauthorized sharing or reproduction of this digital downloads is prohibited and that permission must be obtained from Amanda Eaddy McKeithan, the creator, for any such use.

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