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Almost 40 and when the stitches are removed

Last Thursday

I had 4 wisdom teeth taken out of my mouth

While awake.

Though I didn’t feel the pain during the procedure

the road to recovery has been a wild trip.

From sleepless nights

Unexplainable pain

Ear and headaches

Can we also talk about not being able to eat the foods I like? I don’t play about my food

This girl likes to eat

Just sinful times, I tell ya...

Well after almost a week with no relief

After going through three bottles of pain pills

After having a moment of mental anguish

God must have gotten tired of watching me

squirm and moan and become a witch on Earth

because TODAY, a miracle happened!!!

The dentist looked in my mouth and said “it’s time for the stitches to be removed.”


When I tell you that as soon as he started to remove those stitches

As soon as he cleaned out the holes

As soon as he dried my mouth out

I felt relief INSTANTLY....

And that’s when I knew that God was trying to give me and YOU (if you listen ) a message.

I had been in all this pain since last Thursday

literally in tears at night...

All the pain pills I took only temporarily did their job

The pain always returned.

But, when the stitches got removed...

How many of you are going through a battle right now?

You may be experiencing heart break and God had to stitch you up so you could heal...

Some of you are dealing with poor decision making and God has had to stitch your mind up so you can learn...

Some of you may be suffering from some deep wounds from your childhood and all the while, God has been on the operating table....

Steady stitching...

Just because you’re stitched up doesn’t mean you are healed. Nah, baby this is just a piece of the process.

With the stitching comes the discomfort, the frustration, the anger, the weariness...

The stitching is a part of the shifting.

And as I say, Shiftin Ain’t Easy...

But, honey, when it’s time for those stitches to be removed

You‘ll immediately feel renewed.

The relief that is coming when God says “it’s time to let these go” is going to change your life.

Things will make sense. Your mind will be clearer. You’ll be able to hear the Spirit. You will be able to walk out your vision because the healing that took place will give you a new set of lens to look through...

The stitches are purposeful.

Sit back and let them do what they do.

God hasn’t forgotten you.

Heal on...

Until next time


A. Eaddy McKeithan

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